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Welcome to L.I.F.E. Counseling!

Helping You Talk it Through.

Serving Idaho, Missouri and Arkansas

Helping You Talk it Through in a Healthy Way.

Are Emotions Getting You Fired Up?

Anger is a powerful emotion. Pent up feelings that you need to talk about?
Feeling angry makes rational thinking hard to do because when anger bubbles up it is difficult to feel any other emotion.  Learn how to communicate better and follow easy coping tools to gain back control.

L.I.F.E Counseling is motivated in helping you talk things through aiding in the healing of emotional wounds.  We designed a very affordable service.  Can't make it to an appointment due to distance, transportation or just don't feel like leaving the house?  Not to worry because as long as you have a computer, a smart phone or an older model phone, a session can take place.

Are you experiencing some of these feelings?

irritable, confused, lack of ambition, sad, anger outbursts, self-loathing, lack of motivation, argue a lot, problems with relationships, confusion, wanting to isolate yourself, lack of interest in things you use to enjoy, anxiety/stress, lack of patience, not finishing what you should be completing, too much sleep and/or not enough sleep, change in appetite, talking too much or not at all , restless, aggression, saying hurtful things, relationship problems, low self esteem, hyper-sensitive, bad attitude and need to talk it through?

Talking things through helps.  If you would like to begin service, please read the information below.

Two Easy Steps to Begin Your Service  for Face to face or Email Service-

1.  If you are wanting to begin online services now - go to the Gallery tab (above). Read the information included and fill out the questions; along with your personal contact information. You have the option of paying for your service under this tab.

2. The second way to pay for service is by visiting the Web Store tab which you will find by clicking on the "More" tab on the top of the screen and scrolling to the web store link.  You have several choices to choose from - 1 Hour sessions, 30 minute sessions, email chatting.  face to face, telehealth (computer) and phone services available. Email & telehealth counseling is for Idaho or Arkansas residents only.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to fill in the message box below!

Sadness hurts. Talk things out now to feel better.
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Days that feel lonley and long can get better.  Need talk things out to feel better?